Children who ‘Love Diana’ can now watch their favorite kid creator on Hulu

By 05/03/2023
Children who ‘Love Diana’ can now watch their favorite kid creator on Hulu has inked another distribution deal for one of its most prominent properties. The kid-friendly media company, known for working with popular content brands like Ryan’s World and LankyBox, is coming to Hulu with an original series led by the stars of Kids Diana Show.

The hybrid program will include a mix of animated and live-action elements. For nine-year-old Diana and her older brother Roma, the Hulu series is the latest extension of the Love, Diana brand. Through original content, gaming apps, and licensing opportunities, has turned Diana’s popular YouTube channel into a multimedia franchise.

Season 1 of Love, Diana will include eight 11-minute episodes, which are now available on Hulu. The show — aimed at viewers between the ages of three and five — takes place in the Land of Play, where Diana and Roma must protect their cartoon friends from a gloomy antagonist named Boris the Bore. Boris has previously appeared in other Diana videos.


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The Love, Diana series will be joined on Hulu by other pieces of programming. A program called Kids Diana Show Ultimate Mishmash will offer a collection of videos inspired by Diana’s primary YouTube hub, which ranked 20th in our latest U.S. Top 50. Additional Hulu-based Mishmashes will focus on’s other brands, including Ryan’s World, slime queen Karina Garcia, and magician Dan Rhodes, who partnered with the all-ages media company last October.

“We are thrilled to share our Love, Diana series with Hulu’s kids and family audience alongside our other 11 new shows,” said Founder and CEO Chris M. Williams in a statement. “To be embraced by such an esteemed and trailblazing service as Hulu demonstrates that’s investments in curating and enriching creator-led content are highly valued by top-tier streamers, as well as parents and kids.”

As builds Diana’s videos into a major consumer brand for young girls, the Ukraine-born kidfluencer will continue to reach millions of fans on YouTube. The primary Kids Diana Show hub reaches 110 million subscribers and has received more than 91 billion lifetime views to date.

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