A new AI-driven tool helps creators turn their long-form videos into Shorts

By 04/04/2023
A new AI-driven tool helps creators turn their long-form videos into Shorts

As YouTube Shorts videos continue to haul in billions of views per day, BENlabs is unveiling a new tool that will help long-form creators get in on the fun. Through its subsidiary TubeBuddy, the AI-driven entertainment company has launched a Suggested Shorts tool that identifies clip-worthy moments within long-form content.

Like so many of the tools developed by BENlabs and TubeBuddy, Suggested Shorts uses artificial intelligence to help creators and brands optimize their earnings on platforms like YouTube. The new product tracks audience behavior and viewership habits to determine when a long-form upload should be reformatted into a vertical video.

In a press release, BENlabs noted that 72% of users who tried Suggested Shorts during its beta phase said they would be disappointed if the tool was not permanently available to them. “The TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts tool shows you exactly when to turn a video into a short based on how long those people are watching that video,” said Austin Armstrong, the creator of the Socialty Pro YouTube channel, in a statement. “This tool is the best opportunity you’ve ever had on YouTube to grow your channel.”


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The Suggested Shorts tool is arriving during a pivotal moment for YouTube Shorts. The Google-owned TikTok competitor has already proven that it can deliver impressive viewership. In our most recent U.S. Top 50 chart, 39 of the 50 entrants operate primarily on Shorts, and all of those channels picked up at least 100 million weekly YouTube views. Some of those channels, such as MrBeast and LankyBox, have found success by cutting long-form uploads into short-form clips.

In recent months, YouTube has attempted to add more monetization to its short-form mix. Its decision to bring ads to Shorts is exciting news for creators, but the early returns from that revenue sharing program have been lackluster. As Shorts earnings potential grows, BENlabs’ new tool will help long-form creators keep up with their short-form counterparts.

Suggested Shorts can be accessed through TubeBuddy, which has introduced a number of AI-driven channel optimization tools since its launch more than eight years ago. BENlabs acquired TubeBuddy in 2020.

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