TikTok’s reportedly figuring out how to pay creators more for their content

By 02/14/2023
TikTok’s reportedly figuring out how to pay creators more for their content

TikTok is reportedly revamping its creator fund in an effort to pay out more to each creator.

As we’ve previously covered, the $1 billion fund has some fatal flaws, namely that it’s a set, stagnant amount of money being divvied up among an ever-growing number of creators going viral.

With the fund in its current state, TikTok pays out about $550,000 per day to creators based in the U.S.–so, as more creators make content that generates high view counts, there’s less money to go around for everyone getting a slice of the fund.


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But according to a report from The Information, TikTok’s trying to change that. The proposed revamp (which is already being tested in Brazil and France, per The Verge) limits fund eligibility to creators with at least 100,000 followers, and adjusting the way it pays out to creators who make longer videos.

TikTok hasn’t confirmed if or when this revamp is coming to the U.S. A spokesperson told The Verge that the platform is “committed to exploring new ways to create a valuable and rewarding experience for the TikTok creator community.”

The Information also reported that TikTok is also testing a feature that would let creators paywall some content. Creators would reportedly be able to decide how much they want to charge for viewing paywalled content.

This news comes as TikTok is (yet again) facing increasing pressure from U.S. lawmakers and a potential stateside ban. Congress banned TikTok from government devices in December, and several states have also banned the app from being used on their government-issued/government-controlled devices. Some universities have banned it from being used on their campuses, too.

Meanwhile, Sen. Josh Hawley and Rep. Ken Buck, both Republicans, introduced a much harsher bill last month that would ban TikTok from being downloaded by anyone on any U.S. mobile device.

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