An annual study of kids’ habits found that they average 107 minutes per day on TikTok

By 02/08/2023
An annual study of kids’ habits found that they average 107 minutes per day on TikTok

If the U.S. government follows through on its proposal to ban TikTok, it will have a lot of angry teens on its hands. A recent survey published by parental control service Qustodio suggests that young consumers are spending more time on TikTok than ever before. According to the report, the average TikTok user between the ages of 4 and 18 spent 107 minutes per day on the app in 2022.

Qustodio conducted its annual survey of global youth trends by collecting data from 400,000 families. For the third year in a row, TikTok is the most popular social media app among the kids and teens who responded to the survey. The gap between the Bytedance-owned service and the second-most frequented social video app (Snapchat) is widening year-over-year. According to Qustodio, kids averaged 72 minutes per day on Snapchat in 2022.

“For yet another year, TikTok dominated the top spot globally and in all countries analyzed,” reads the report. “1 in 2 kids in the UK now uses TikTok, while almost 2 in 3 children in Spain (61%) are fans of the seemingly unstoppable social media giant.”


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TikTok may seem like an unstoppable force, but among young people, there’s another platform that eats up even more leisure time: Roblox. The sandbox gaming program, which is used to design and populate virtual worlds, is a favorite hobby of kids around the world.

Per Qustodio, the average consumer between the ages of four and 18 played Roblox for three hours per day in 2022. That figure — when combined with the “metaverse” nature of Roblox‘s worlds — explains why so many brands are eager to enter the sandbox themselves.

In the realm of online video services, YouTube is thriving, with Netflix close behind. Though the Google-owned platform isn’t keeping pace with TikTok in terms of daily usage, its popularity is rising nonetheless. Survey respondents averaged 67 minutes per day on YouTube in 2022. According to TechCrunch, that’s the most watch time YouTube has received since Qustodio started publishing its annual reports in 2019.

To learn more about the habits of kids and teens around the world, head over to the Qustodio website.

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