Crumbl got big on TikTok. Up next for the cookie brand: TV airtime.

By 10/14/2022
Crumbl got big on TikTok. Up next for the cookie brand: TV airtime.

These days, it seems like every business is trying to get hip with the kids on TikTok. A brand that already conquered the short-form video app, however, needs a different marketing strategy. Crumbl Cookies, which became a social media sensation during the COVID-19 pandemic, is running its first ad campaign on broadcast TV networks.

Crumbl’s first attempt at TV advertising goes for the low-hanging fruit. The commercial’s tagline, “let’s get ready to Crumbl,” is delivered by Michael Buffer. The legendary ringside announcer is known for popularizing a phrase that rhymes with that one.


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The commercial premieres digitally on October 14, which is National Dessert Day. The 30-second spot’s first TV appearance will occur on November 5, when the ad will air on ABC.

The decision to market Crumbl on TV during a busy slate of college football is no accident. The TikTok-famous brand is looking to position its cookies as sweet additions to game day spreads.

“Game day is about bringing fans, teammates, and opponents together — whether to watch or play,” said Crumbl CEO and Co-Founder Jason McGowan. “Our mission statement is about bringing friends and family together and we feel like sports is a natural space for us.”

Though Crumbl was founded in 2017, the cookie brand took off during the pandemic. As consumers spent more time online and turned to delivery brands to satisfy their sweet teeth, Crumbl capitalized on a palpable market opportunity. The brand uses its TikTok account to play around with viral trends and introduce new products. Thanks in part to series like ‘20 Weeks of 20 New Flavors,’ Crumbl was able to grow its presence. Its TikTok account now reaches more than six million followers.

Crumbl’s social stardom paid huge dividends for its business. According to a July 2022 report in the Deseret Newsthe Utah-based confectioner operates 478 locations in 45 states.

Now, Crumbl will answer the question Tubefilter has been asking since the dawn of the online video industry: Can this internet sensation successfully transition offline? It created its first TV ads in partnership with communications firm The Scratch Collective. More details about the campaign can be found in a press release.

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