On The Podcast: Short-form. But longer.

By 03/10/2022
On The Podcast: Short-form. But longer.
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It’s hosted by our very own Joshua Cohen (that’s me) and Lauren Schnipper. Subscribe to Creator Upload on Apple Podcasts. We’re everywhere else, too. Just go to CreatorUpload.com. And we’re now also brought to you in part by the global creator company Jellysmack

Apple breeders are a patient people. Or I imagine they must be. To come up with a newfangled designer variety of the favorite fruit of Americana you must:


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  1. Take the pollen from one desirable apple tree and use it to pollinate another.
  2. Wait until the pollinated apple tree grows apples.
  3. Use the seeds from those apples to plant new trees.
  4. Wait three to five years for those new trees to bear fruit and ensure the apples taste, look, and feel good. (Most of the time they don’t.)
  5. Take some cuttings from those trees and graft them onto a roostock.
  6. Wait another season or several for those apples to grow and ensure their quality.
  7. Repeat steps 4 through 6 until you have several generations of desirable fruit.
  8. Market your new apple.
  9. Profit.

The process can take 12 years if you’re fast. 30 years if you’re not. I also imagine that at some point during their dozen-to-several-dozen-year problem-solving-operation with the end goal of satiating consumers, those apple breeders are watching TikTok. Or at least the ones operating within the last year or two have watched some TikToks. And I imagine that when they do, it’s with a little bit of awe at how the site knows what content they’re in interested in – maybe something like this? – and the speed at which it came to that conclusion.

TikTok’s time horizon for giving consumer something satiating is measured in minutes, if not seconds. The platform runs on an incredible algorithm that’s able to discern the proclivities of any given viewer at an alarming rate, in large part because of the short-form nature of the content. Scrolling through and stopping on a series of 15-to-60-second TikToks provides exponentially more data points than scrolling through and stopping on a series of three-to-20 minute YouTube videos. All that additional data helps the platform target content any given viewer will like, creating a fruitful entertainment experience.

But what happens when the average video length increases from less-than-60-seconds to several times that? TikTok is now reportedly expanding its max video length to 10 minutes, so we’re going to find out. And you can hear my best guesses on the latest installment of Creator Upload. Check it out and listen to Lauren’s effusive praise of all my ideas. You can subscribe on Apple Podcasts or whenever you listen. You’re going to dig it.

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