PicoLink Wants Content Creators To Turn Their Fans Into Customers

By 11/10/2021
PicoLink Wants Content Creators To Turn Their Fans Into Customers

The link-in-bio sphere has a new entrant: PicoLink.

We’ve written about the origins and growth of the link-in-bio sector before, but for those unfamiliar, here’s a quick recap: After Instagram launched, it refused to let creators put more than one URL in their account bios, meaning that every time creators posted a new YouTube video, Etsy product, ebook, and so on, they had to swap out the old link for the new one.

Creators understandably did not dig that, and these days, there’s an entire industry dedicated to building tools that let Instagrammers cram as much as they can into that single URL slot. Companies like Linktree, Koji, Carrd, and Shorby all offer ways for creators to use one URL as a landing page or jumping-off point that directs fans to their various social profiles, new content, old content, merch, and more.


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Now Pico, a Bullpen, Stripe, and Bloomberg-backed platform that builds tools for content creators to build businesses by leveraging their online followings, is also getting in the game. Its contender, PicoLink, lets creators have a single URL that directs folks who click to a custom designed landing page. That’s standard.

Where PicoLink differs, Pico says, is in its aesthetic offerings and the strength of its analytics. On the back end, PicoLink provides a single central hub containing data about creators’ entire audiences, across all platforms.

And as for aesthetics, PicoLink is “the only link-in-bio product that supports rich text and generates link previews, allowing creators to present their links as a curated social media feed,” Pico says.

The data PicoLink collects tracks all the clicks on a creator’s bio link and measures which parts of a creator’s landing page are getting the most engagement, including which platforms that engagement is coming from.

It then lets creators turn their social media followers into contacts, which PicoLink sorts into a spreadsheet showing followers’ names, emails, the date they began following, and available location information. The goal, Pico says, is to eventually reach these followers as customers for the creator’s business.

“We created PicoLink to help creators build a beautifully designed digital storefront and go direct-to-consumer, without having to pay for costly and sophisticated software,” Nick Chen, Pico’s cofounder and CEO, said in a statement. “This furthers our vision to provide an open ecosystem for creators to build any type of business across all formats and platforms.”

Pico also wants to “make creative Internet entrepreneurship accessible to more people,” Chen added.

PicoLink is free to use. Pico plans to add more functions in the coming months, including subscription and payment tools for creators to “offer rich, premium experiences across multiple content channels.”

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