BBTV Offers To Pay Creators 1 Month Early (For A Fee), Eyes Crypto Compensation

By 11/10/2021
BBTV Offers To Pay Creators 1 Month Early (For A Fee), Eyes Crypto Compensation

BBTV, the Vancouver-based digital network whose channels clock 600 million monthly unique viewers globally, is expediting the payment process for creators.

Once creators within the BBTV network register for a new tool called BBTV Fast Pay, they will receive their current YouTube ad earnings for that pay period, as well earnings for the following month upfront. The company says that this capital can then he harnessed toward content creation and channel growth. Fast Pay will soon roll out to other platforms beyond YouTube; it isn’t free, but BBTV says it’s charging a competitive 2% fee.

That’s not all. The company is also eyeing creator payments that would be transacted via cryptocurrencies. Beginning in December, for instance, select creators will be able to receive their earnings in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDC.


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Andn yet another bid to help its creators get paid, BBTV forged a deal last month with creator-focused financial startup Spotter, which will see Spotter buying $125 million worth of back-catalog content from creators within the BBTV network.

”We are hyper-focused on providing a comprehensive and innovative suite of solutions to help creators succeed,” BBTV Holdings CFO Ben Groot said in a statement. “BBTV Fast Pay is an important enabler for creators to access their funds more quickly and accelerate their growth.”

Like BBTV, other startups companies want a piece of the creator payment pie. Startups like Stir have unveiled a host of offerings to help creators more efficiently collect earnings and share with collaborators, while Karat Financial offers credit cards specifically tailored to professional influencers.

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