Users Can Now Navigate YouTube Video ‘Chapters’ With Two-Fingered Double Taps

By 08/10/2021
Users Can Now Navigate YouTube Video ‘Chapters’ With Two-Fingered Double Taps

YouTube has implemented a new gesture control on the Android version of its app that will let users navigate video ‘Chapters‘ by double-tapping with two fingers.

The update was first spotted by Reddit user MagnatronMusic31, and first reported by Android Police. On the right side of the screen, a double-fingered double tap advances to the next Chapter; on the left side of the screen, it rewinds to the previous one.

(A single-fingered double tap already enables users to fast forward 10 seconds on the right side of the screen, and rewind 10 seconds on the left).

YouTube began testing Chapters — or delineated sections of a video within the scrubbing timeline — in April 2020, and rolled the feature out fully the following month. Chapters aim to make lengthier videos easier to navigate, the company says, and are generated based on user-provided timestamps in video description boxes.

The new navigational gesture arrives days after another addition, whereby users are able to scrub through a video — both forwards and backwards — by tapping and holding anywhere on the screen, and then sliding the same finger to the left or right. Android Police notes that, after touching the screen, a “slide left or right to seek” notification appears, confirming that the gesture has been triggered.