Underscore Talent Signs TikTok Phenom CelinaSpookyBoo, YouTube’s Anasala Family

By 06/04/2021
Underscore Talent Signs TikTok Phenom CelinaSpookyBoo, YouTube’s Anasala Family

Nascent digital talent management company Underscore Talent has unveiled a handful of new signings today, including creators that hail from both TikTok and YouTube.

The latest additions include TikTok stars CelinaSpookyBoo (18.1 million followers), The Trills (3.3 million), Gunnar Deatherage (2 million) and Lisa Asano (1.2 million followers). On YouTube, Underscore has pacted with The Anasala Family (2.2 million subscribers), The Klem Family (2 million subscribers), El Guzii (5.7 million), and Montana & Ryan (866,000).

Underscore says it will work with talent to expand content to new channels, and operationalize merch opportunities. The company adds that it has also brokered brand deals with the likes of Nike, Mattel, Walmart, Clinique, Google, Amazon, and Verizon.

CelinaSpookyBoo’s content commingles comedy with the paranormal, while the Anasalas are a family channel that hails from Dubai. The Klem Family is known for their games and challenges, while El Guzii is a Latino culinary creator, and Montana & Ryan are a fitness and prank couple channel.

Asano rose to fame on TikTok for her ceramics talents, while Deatherage is a Project Runway alum known for his DIY skills. Finally, the Baltimore-based Trills are an a cappella group beloved for their song covers.

“As we continue to assemble a diverse roster here, we are identifying ways to help our clients across all social platforms find success and establish offline brands,” Underscore co-founder and partner Dan Weinstein said in a statement. “Working in the creator space and seeing it blossom over the past decade, we are becoming a trusted partner to creators as we evolve their businesses into multifaceted properties.”