Pocket.watch’s ‘Kids Diana Show’ Begins Bouncing Down Walmart Aisles With Sweeping Product Launch

By 10/05/2020
Pocket.watch’s ‘Kids Diana Show’ Begins Bouncing Down Walmart Aisles With Sweeping Product Launch

Kids Diana Show, the six-year-old Ukrainian YouTube phenom, is now dancing down the aisles of your local Walmart.

Diana — in collaboration with studio partner Pocket.watch (and her parents, Volodymyr and Olena, naturally) — has unveiled today a sweeping lineup of toys and dress-up sets exclusively at Walmart under the Love, Diana brand moniker. At launch, products include: dolls, styling heads, plushes, hair accessories, jewelry, bath and beauty, furniture, playsets, and more. And at the same time as the physical products, Diana and Pocket.watch — which also helped spin nine-year-old Ryan Kaji into a multimedia entrepreneur — launched last month a premium series on her YouTube channel, as well as a new mobile minigames app titled Love, Diana.

The Walmart lineup ranges in price from $10 for six-inch dolls to $30 for a styling head to $40 for a Mystery Shopper‘ set to $100 for a life-sized vanity. Licensing partners on the various products include Headstart and Jerry Leigh.

Pocket.watch has previously likened Diana to its big bet in the young girls’ content and product categories, with Kaji having pioneered the model in the boys’ space. Notably, Kaji-related products clocked $150 million in sales in 2019 — meaning that, if Pocket.watch has its way, Diana could soon be clocking similar numbers.

The inaugural ‘Love, Diana’ lineup at Walmart.

“Amid social distancing, playtime looks different as families navigate a new normal,” Pocket.watch CRO Stone Newman said in a statement. “However, pretend play remains an essential part of children’s growth, and it’s inspiring to see millions of kids and families around the world have found a playmate in Diana.”

Diana counts a total of 143 million subscribers across her family of 14 channels — most which feature similar content translated into different languages — and her flagship channel was the second most-viewed hub in the U.S. last month with 3.4 billion views.

The new Pocket.watch-produced series that will live on Kids Diana Show is titled Love, Diana Adventures and combines both live-action and animation. After its debut on Sept. 5, the first episode (below) clocked 10 million views in just four days. All told, subsequent installments have garnered 200 million views, Poclet.watch says, with a total of 40 episodes slated to roll out over coming months. The series will also be distributed beyond Diana’s YouTube channel on Pocket.watch’s OTT network, which includes Prime Video, Roku, PlutoTV, Samsung TV Plus, and Sling.