Brandon Rogers Puts Comedy Central’s Social Accounts ‘Under The Influencer’ In New Video Campaign (Exclusive)

By 10/21/2019
Brandon Rogers Puts Comedy Central’s Social Accounts ‘Under The Influencer’ In New Video Campaign (Exclusive)

Comedy Central has put YouTube weirdness ambassador (and much-nommed Streamys contender) Brandon Rogers in charge of its social media this week as part of its ongoing Under the Influencer program.

Rogers, who has 5.32M subscribers on YouTube, is the third digital star to join forces with Comedy Central in this capacity. The network launched Under the Influencer in July, when its website and YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts were taken over for one week by YouTube comedian Gus Johnson, and it continued the venture last month with a takeover starring fellow funny YouTuber CalebCity. (Both Johnson and CalebCity, by the way, are also nominated for comedy awards at this year’s Streamys.) Together, Johnson’s 49 pieces of video content and CalebCity’s 32 pieces brought 20.5M total views across platforms, and 14.1M minutes of watch time on YouTube alone.

Now, it’s Rogers’ turn.


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He’ll bring his comedy sketch skills to the 36 videos for the network and its various franchises, including installments of short mockumentary series Mini-Mocks (in which Rogers plays a “shower drain hair artist”), Your Worst Fears Confirmed (in which he investigates just how much the government knows about what you look up when you’re browsing incognito), and That’s An App, which chronicles the worst apps that never existed — including Rogers’ DickFix.

“I play a handful of estranged characters, so the vibe is very similar to my videos,” Rogers tells Tubefilter. “Just with a bigger budget, a more organized production, and much better food!”

He adds, “I’m so used to directing, writing, and producing my own content, it’s a nice change to show up on set and only need to worry about acting when everything else is already taken care of. I think it’s a milestone in every comedian’s career to say they’ve collaborated with Comedy Central at some point, and I’m beyond thrilled to finally be here!”

“We’re thrilled to have the incredibly funny and talented Brandon Rogers join our Under the Influencer campaign,” Lesley Robin, Comedy Central’s VP of social media strategy, says. “Digital originals are an increasingly successful part of Comedy Central’s digital business, driving views and engagement for us. As we continue to invest in original content, the Under the Influencer campaign is an amazing way to showcase new voices for our audience, while also bringing new fans into our feeds. We’re so excited to launch Brandon’s content and look forward to even more partnerships in the coming months.”

You can check out Rogers’ shower hair artistry below, and keep an eye on the network’s website and various social media channels throughout this week to catch the rest of Rogers’ takeover.

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