Jake Paul’s ‘Bird Box Challenge’ Video Yanked From YouTube Following Backlash

By 01/10/2019
Jake Paul’s ‘Bird Box Challenge’ Video Yanked From YouTube Following Backlash

Jake Paul’s controversial ‘Bird Box challenge’ video has been pulled from YouTube after widespread backlash against the risky stunts he and fellow YouTuber George Janko performed while blindfolded.

YouTube confirmed that it has pulled down other Bird Box challenge videos for violating guidelines that prohibit content encouraging dangerous activities that could result in physical harm. The company also confirmed that it age-restricted and demonetized Paul’s video — presumably for violating the same guidelines.

However, the video giant did not remove Paul’s video, according to sources familiar with the matter. That means either Paul or someone on his team pulled it. Paul’s tweet about the video, though, is still live:

As his tweet indicates, during the video, Paul and Janko blindfolded themselves and walked into Los Angeles traffic as part of a challenge stemming from Netflix‘s recently-released Bird Box film. In the film, characters must remain blindfolded after a mysterious presence forces people to commit suicide if seen.

Paul also drove a truck down his driveway while blindfolded and rammed it into garbage and recycling bins — shortly after a caption on the video directed viewers to a disclaimer in the description. The disclaimer noted that all stunts in the video “are performed by trained professionals in a controlled environment with proper safety measures taken, and are for entertainment purposes only.” (It’s worth noting that Paul has previously revealed — in Shane Dawson‘s documentary The Mind of Jake Paul — that his stunts and pranks are faked, so it’s possible the blind driving was also feigned.)

It’s unclear why YouTube didn’t pull the video, given that it appears to violate the platform’s terms of service. Tubefilter has reached out to YouTube for comment and will update this story with any new information.