In a typical round of the popular video game Fortnite: Battle Royale, 100 players drop into a dynamic environment to fight one another until only a single group of survivors remains. In creator Dan Bull‘s latest video, however, the featured players within a Fortnite game do battle with words rather than weapons. Bull, a Brit known for rapping about nerdy subject matter, collaborated with 99 other creators to launch a “Fortnite Rap Battle Royale.”

While some of the creators featured in Bull’s collaborations are known for their music (we’re particularly pleased to see appearances from YouTube legends Tay Zonday, Nice Peter, and Epic Lloyd), many others ply their respective trades as gamers or vloggers. If you spend a lot of time on YouTube, you’ll recognize familiar names like Boogie2988, Jacksfilms, and GassyMexican within Bull’s video.

Each creators hops in for a line or two before giving way to another rapper. When strung together, these lines form an 11-minute track that spans three languages and describes dozens of scenarios from the most popular game in the world.

“I saw NerdOut’s video bringing together several big gamers and musicians on one song, and said to my videomancer Nick, ‘imagine if we made a song with 100 people in it – a Rap Battle Royale,’” Bull said in a press release. “We chuckled a bit, and then the chuckles turned into pants of excitement as it became apparent that we were actually going to do it. Four months later, and we’ve actually done it.”

Fortnite‘s popularity, as well as its status as a 100-player game, have led it to be the subject of some epic YouTube collaborations. A March 2018 Fortnite live stream featuring 100 of the biggest gamers in the Hispanic world brought in more than a million concurrent viewers at its peak.

Bull’s contribution to YouTube’s Fortnite mania can be found on his channel. He has 1.5 million subscribers and has received more than 350 million views to date.

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