According to a study Twitter recently conducted with Magna at IPG Media Lab, a media research group, Twitter users’ purchase intent goes up 88% when it comes to products hawked through branded creator posts, as opposed to posts that come directly from brands.

The study surveyed 171 Twitter creators in the US and UK found via Niche, the Twitter-owned platform that works to help creators monetize their content by connecting them with brands. The study also surveyed 3,251 US-based consumers and examined 12 brands in nine different industry verticals (though Twitter did not name the brands nor industries in its report).

Besides increased purchase intent, consumers on Twitter also exhibited increased “favorability” for brands advertised by influencers. Consumers were more likely to recommend a brand or product to their friends if it was originally featured in a creator’s post. Overall, two thirds of Twitter users surveyed said they believed creators on the platform “change and shape culture.”

“Today’s word-of-mouth marketing is often driven by creators on Twitter,” wrote Meghann Elrhoul, Twitter’s head of global agency research, and Tyler Vaught, who works in content partnerships at the company, in a blog post featuring the study’s results.

Recommendations may appear meaningful coming from creators because those surveyed seem to choose their brand partners carefully. Ninety-four percent of the creators asked said they seek out brands to work with that match their own image, while 93% aim to connect with brands that want their input. In other words, influencers want to advertise for brands that are willing to “speak” in those creators’ voices.

Twitter users spend 24% more time with ads that come from creators, as opposed to those posted directly by brands. Recall of these branded creator posts also leads to increased purchase intent.

Ultimately, the study served to promote Niche, citing the platform’s recently launched Creator Originals as a way for brands to partner with Twitter influencers on longer, more polished content.

“The results of this media trial proved that creator content is a valuable asset for brands,” said Kara Manatt, SVP of intelligence solutions and strategy at MAGNA. “To keep up with the fast-moving pace of social environments, branded creator content is a quick, easy, and affordable way for advertisers to impact consumers.”

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