Colleen Ballinger Made Angela Kinsey’s YouTube Baking Show Happen

By 04/03/2018
Colleen Ballinger Made Angela Kinsey’s YouTube Baking Show Happen

If you’re nostalgic for The Office and just want to see all your favorite Dunder Mifflin employees hanging out together, then you have Colleen Ballinger (aka, Miranda Sings) to thank for this YouTube baking show.

Angela Kinsey, who portrayed uptight, bossy Angela Martin on the The Office, currently hosts a YouTube show with her husband, Josh Snyder, called Baking With Josh & Ange. The couple created the show at the suggestion of Ballinger when she and Kinsey were working together on the Ballinger’s Netflix show Haters Back Off(On the show, Kinsey played Bethany, Miranda’s mother.)

As Kinsey told Mashable, “Josh had come to visit me on set and made cookies. We were hanging out and Colleen was like, ‘First of all, you guys are so cute,’ and then said, ‘I love baking channels, you should do this, you should make a baking channel.’”

Their channel launched in December 2016 with a video in which the couple bakes “pajama sugar cookies” for their children’s holiday party. Since then, Baking With Josh & Ange has featured a number of Kinsey’s Office co-stars as guests, including Creed Bratton—Creed on the show, and Kinsey’s real life neighbor—and Jenna Fischer, Kinsey’s close friend who played Pam.

Rainn Wilson, The Office’s Dwight Schrute (and Angela’s husband on the show) has also made a guest appearance on Kinsey and Snyder’s baking show, but not for the episode where the couple creates “Dwangela Little Drummer Boy Cookies,” inspired by The Office episode where Dwight and Angela sing the “Little Drummer Boy” song. Wilson is vegan, so he appeared for a vegan baking episode, which got over 118,000 views, one of the most viewed episodes on the channel. Wilson is no stranger to YouTube, having created the media company SoulPancake, which has produced a number of YouTube videos, including those featuring Kid President.

The most viewed episode featured Ballinger, with over 123,000 views. She, Kinsey, and Snyder made Haters Back Off sugar cookies. You can see the final products in the video below:

The Office has been over for years, and Netflix canceled Haters Back Off after its second season in 2017, but Kinsey and Snyder’s YouTube channel has over 45,000 subscribers and a way for the cast of both shows to reunite.

“I feel like The Office is still very much part of my life and always will be,” Kinsey told Mashable. “It’s clear that I miss it.”