The latest format to come out of the Fine Brothers Entertainment (FBE) studio is a blast from the past. In a recent episode of the popular web series Teens React, young adults opened up a 100-year-old high school yearbook and explored the youth culture of the early 20th century.

As FBE co-founder Benny Fine told Tubefilter in an email, the idea to look into high school life from a century past stemmed from his discovery of his great-grandmother’s yearbook, which dates back to 1917. His team presented it to the stars of Teens React, who offered their opinions. As they perused the pages of the ancestral document, they commented on how different youth culture used to be. Instead of senior quotes, students of 1917 wrote poems; instead of science, they studied home economics.

Some details provided apt comparisons to the modern day. One 1917 student noted that, upon graduation, she hoped to become the first female president. A century later, young women can still write down that aspiration in their yearbooks.

“It was really interesting to see teens of today take a glimpse into the lives of teens of the past,” said the episode’s Senior Associate Producer, Kyle Segal. “Obviously there are so many differences between the generations, but at the end of the day, the similarities are what I found the most fascinating.”

Fine said FBE plans to produce more episodes that peer into subjects from long ago. Those clips will live alongside the other formats in the studio’s React franchise, which has already run for more than 750 total episodes.

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