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Project Name: One True Loves

Asking For: $9,150 through Seed & Spark

Amount Raised Thus Far (At Time Of Post): $6,270

Days Remaining In Campaign (At Time Of Post): 16

Description: As noted philosopher Ed Sheeran once sang, people fall in love in mysterious ways. Now, a web series wants to look into that phenomenon. Olivia Accardo is the creator behind One True Loves, a planned web series that will chronicle the eight different times she has fallen in love.

One True Loves will begin when its protagonist is 11 years old, at which point her first passion is revealed during a game of spin the bottle. From there, the series slowly works its way into its heroine’s mid-twenties, discovering seven other romances along the way. The result, should the series receive adequate funding, will be one part love story and one part nostalgia trip, repeated eight times.

As Accardo explains in her pitch video, she wants to examine the complexity of the emotion in her show’s title. “It’s more about the idea of love,” she explains, “and how trivial it is at 11, 17, and 25, and how the reality of it is, it’s not that different.”

Creator Bio: Much of Accardo’s work can be found on Vimeo. She often incorporates hand-drawn animations into her work, some of which she has shared on her website.

Best Perk: At the $50 level, your own “one true love” story will be turned into a photo. I’m not sure if the person honoring this reward will let you change your mind eight times.

Why You Should Fund It: Accardo seems to be well aware of the fact that there are many, many love stories created by people in their 20s, and that understanding, combined with the novel premise she has come up with, leads me to believe that One True Loves can bring something new to the genre. In addition, the short format of individual episodes — the plan is to have them run for about two minutes apiece — leads me to believe that One True Loves won’t overstay its welcome. I’m her curious to see what Accardo and her cohorts come up with.

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