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For Canadian student Brayden Wheeler, video games have become more than just a hobby. Wheeler is the man behind TheCampingRusher, a YouTube channel that has surpassed one million subscribers. With his adventures in the words of Minecraft and Rocket League, Wheeler — whose channel is partnered with Machinima — has built a fanbase that comes for the gameplay and stays for the personality. Here’s our conversation with him as he reached his gold-play-button milestone:

Tubefilter: How does it feel to have one million subscribers? What do you have to say to your fans?

Brayden Wheeler: It feels great. I consider this one of my biggest accomplishments in my life and I am very proud of achieving this milestone. Of course, I couldn’t have done this without my fans. It doesn’t matter if they were the first of my subscribers or they subscribed today, I am so grateful for each and every one of them.

TF: Where does your channel name come from?

BW: I started out making Call of Duty videos and I wanted a name that reflected my play style. I would rush into the enemy base and camp there, thus TheCampingRusher was born. Unfortunately for the name, I switched to Minecraft videos a couple weeks later.

TF: With so many gaming channels on YouTube, what would you say makes yours unique?

BW: I always try to be a positive guy in my videos and I am very consistent. YouTube is a platform where consistency matters most and if I really wanted to grow a specific series of mine, I knew it took creativity and consistency. For example, I have over 1000 Factions episodes on my channel. I did this series daily for around three years and that is definitely a vital reason why I am where I am today.

TF: What would you say has been the most interesting development in Minecraft’s oldest server since you made your first video there?

BW: When I first joined the Oldest Server in Minecraft there were around 10 people online. After the series on my channel blew up, there were times when 1000 people would be in line just to play on this historical server. The biggest change to that server is the amount of people who are aware of this unique experience that exists within Minecraft. Even though the series has ended, the server is constantly still full with around 150 players online.

TF: Why do you think Rocket League has managed to become as popular as it is?

BW: Rocket League has grown because it appeals to casual and competitive players. Someone can pick up the game for the first time and have a great time playing it. At the same time, someone who has 2000+ hours logged on the game can pick up the game and also have a great time. Finally, the company that created Rocket League constantly updates the game, which keeps players coming back and always something new for players to experience.

TF: Do you think consciously about the commentary you say during your videos, or would you say you try to not overthink it?

BW: When I first started commentating I definitely had times where I would overthink my commentary, but now, after five years of YouTube, I tend to just roll with it and just be me.

TF: How do you balance your career on YouTube with the other responsibilities in your life?

BW: I find this to be the most difficult part of YouTube. Unlike a normal 9-5 job, I am constantly thinking about what video to make next, how I can improve, new ways to advertise my videos, and so on. Making a video is usually the easier part. With that being said, I am a full time University student and I try to maintain a semi-social life. Balance has always been the top priority for me. I achieve this by managing my time as well as I can and on the days when I know I have many things to get done, I buckle down and don’t let anything else distract me.

TF: Aside from the ones you’ve played on your channel, what other games do you enjoy playing?

BW: The only other game I currently enjoy playing is League of Legends from time to time. I also recently purchased a Playstation 1 so I can replay my favorite game from my childhood, Crash Bash.

TF: What’s next for your channel? Any fun plans?

BW: With Summer on the way, I have many interesting plans for the channel. I want to continue to grow my Rocket League videos most importantly, but I do have plans to start making videos on one other game, but for now, that plan is my little secret.

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