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Project Name: Pair of Normals

Asking For: $12,500 on Seed & Spark

Amount Raised Thus Far (At Time Of Post): $1,885

Days Remaining In Campaign (At Time Of Post): 15

Description: Let’s face it — successful, put-together individuals are boring, and they make for terrible web series protagonists. Jason Hood knows that, and so for his new series Pair of Normals, he is highlight two protagonists who are deeply, and perhaps irrevocably, messed up.

The titular “normals” are Iris (Lucy Cottrell) and Betty (Megan Reilly), and they’ve got all sorts of problems. Iris is an anxious psychic who has just returned from a stint in a mental hospital, while Betty is a college dropout who wants to express herself through ASMR. By living together, Iris and Betty hope to improve themselves and each other; something tells me that’s going to be quite the struggle.

The goal of Pair Of Normals‘ crowdfunding campaign is to fund the first four episodes out of what is planned as an eight-part first season. Should the series achieve its goal and hit digital screens, it will explore the lives of its two protagonists, who will be uncommonly affected by a combination of big-city inconveniences and their own neuroses.

Creator Bio: Hood is a filmmaker whose oeuvre includes several web series. His most notable creation is Life After Fatwhich was selected for the NYC Web Fest in 2014 before heading to Toronto a year later.

Best Perk: Contribute at least $15, and the Pair of Normals team will invent a new musical genre for you. This might be the perfect perk for your post-industrial gazecore band.

Why You Should Fund It: The shell of Pair of Normals, specifically its independent artistic spirit and its beleaguered heroes, is not an unusual one, but where we can expect the series to truly pull in its viewers is within the realm of character development. In order to paint of picture of what we can expect from their show, the Pair of Normals team produced a short film called “What Would Yeezus Do?” as well as a series of short vignettes starring Iris. Through these introductory pieces, we can plenty of magnetism on display. In just a few minutes, we can see how Iris and Betty are strong, fully-realized, unique characters, and the idea of spending more time in their world is an exciting one.

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