Here’s How Often YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Skips Pre-Roll Ads

By 06/08/2016
Here’s How Often YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Skips Pre-Roll Ads

Ad-skipping temptations on YouTube’s infamous pre-rolls can run high — though the company’s chief executive says she makes a point to keep an ear to the ground. “I like watching the ads, and I think it’s important for me to see the ads,” Susan Wojcicki told the The Wall Street Journal, estimating that she skips pre-rolls “maybe every other time.”

That’s just one nugget Wojcicki divulged during the rapid-fire interview session, where she discussed everything from her favorite app other than YouTube (Waze), her favorite meme (Keyboard Cat), and her distaste for mornings. The first thing she does when she wakes up, she says, is “roll over and see if I can sleep in longer.”

Wojcicki also discussed some of her work habits and how she strives for a healthy work-life balance. If she could describe her leadership style in one word, she says, it would be “supportive”. And in order to spend time with her kids at the end of a long workday, she says she typically goes without email for about three hours between 6:00 and 9:00 at night — “which is really hard to do.” After the kids are in bed, she can get back to the grind.

For more from Wojcicki, including who she calls the greatest influence on her life thus far, check out her interview with the Journal below: