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The latest beauty vlogger whose makeup skills have vaulted her into our spotlight is Teni Panosian. Panosian, who was raised in Los Angeles, runs a blog called Miss Maven alongside her channel, and her viewers trust her for her expertise and her confident tone. After she hit one million YouTube subscribers, we got in touch to ask her a few questions about her channel.

Tubefilter: How does it feel to have one million subscribers? What do you have to say to your fans?

Teni Panosian: It’s euphoric! It’s something you work toward in anticipation and once it gets here, you’re just in awe. I’d like to say to my supporters that I’m so grateful to them for coming along on this journey with me…especially my day one subbies!

TF: Why did you decide to expand your blog onto YouTube in the first place?

TP: I had friends on YouTube that I was hanging out with (like Justin James Hughes and Chester See), and every time I’d see them, they were shooting stuff for their channels. It looked like so much fun, and they included me in a lot of their videos, too, and encouraged me to start my channel. They’re really the reason I started my channel!

TF: With so many beauty vloggers on YouTube, what would you say makes you unique?

TP: More than anything, I’m in it for the creativity. With every video, I try to incorporate at least some artistic quality, something that makes it more cinematic. That’s why my travel diaries are my favorite videos to create; I get to make these little short films and exercise so much more creativity. But even in my standard makeup tutorials, I try to include some entertainment value as well.

TF: Do you take any steps to make sure your videos stay current and in line with new fashion trends?

TP: Not really. Part of maintaining authenticity on my channel is simply showing people what I’m wearing or what’s in my closet at the moment, because then I’m showing MY style, not necessarily what’s on trend. That way I’m really able to establish what my personal style is.

TF: How do you ensure high production values for your videos?

TP: At this point, with all the equipment I’ve acquired, I could probably shoot a major motion picture. I just keep buying cameras, lights, and other gadgets and experimenting with them. My camera-buying habits are getting a little out of control!

TF: Do you have a favorite look you’ve shared on your channel?

TP: My Summer Bronze Glow makeup look is one of my favorites!

TF: What is your number one beauty tip?

TP: Skincare is the most important step for any beauty routine. Whether you like to wear very light makeup or more dramatic makeup, take the time to lock down a good skincare routine that works well for your skin.

TF: Are there video formats you have not yet tried out that you would like to explore?

TP: A lot of my subscribers ask me to do more vlogging, like day-in-the-life type stuff. I’m not used to vlogging unless I’m traveling, but I’d love to do more of it and show my subscribers more of my life.

TF: What’s next for your channel? Any fun plans?

TP: I’m just looking forward to creating some next-level videos! I’m always up for exploring new concepts and formats, so I’ll switch it up. One thing I’m going to be experimenting with for my channel is a 360-degree camera, which will add to my camera habit and hopefully create cool visuals. You’ll also see something very exciting on my channel later this year…something I can’t say too much about just yet but it’s definitely going to be a milestone!!

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