For the third time in as many years, New Form Digital has shared a slate of pilots led by its partners in the online video space. The studio’s latest output represents the third wave of its “incubator series,” and it includes contributions from creators who are known for their work on YouTube and other digital platforms.

The creators who New Form tapped for its first two incubator waves included several of YouTube’s most popular personalities, including Joey Graceffa, Anna Akana, and Wong Fu Productions. This time, however, New Form has dug a little deeper. The creators featured in the studio’s third are a mix of mid-level YouTubers, digital media vets, and aspiring filmmakers, including Olan Rogers, Wilson Cleveland, and Elisha Yaffe. The genres those creators are similarly diverse, ranging from comedy to psychological thriller to sci-fi. As with the previous two incubator rounds, there is only one constant presence: Mitchell Davis, who appears in all of the short films.

With its latest projects out in the open, New Form will begin to shop them around to prospective buyers. Some of the studio’s previous productions have been developed as full series on platforms like Vimeo On Demand and Go90, and according to Variety, which first reported the third wave of pilots, New Form also has series in the works at YouTube Red and CW Seed.

New Form’s founding partners include director Ron Howard, Discovery Communications, and former YouTube exec Kathleen Grace. “We’ve kind of figured out the sweet spot for how many (pilots) we can support at once,” Grace told Variety.

Here, via Variety, are brief descriptions of the eight pilots included in New Form Digital’s latest incubator series:

  • “Final Space,” Olan Rogers: Animated action-adventure comedy that follows an intergalactic security guard named Gary, who makes it his quest to protect his new alien friend named Mooncake from imperial bounty hunters. Mooncake is the last of his kind and holds a special power within him — a power that, in the wrong hands, can destroy worlds.

  • “Friend Like Me,” Sammy Paul: Toby second-guesses his lifelong friendship with Gene, his childhood genie turned freeloading roommate, after his girlfriend leaves him. In a fit of anger, Toby banishes Gene with no way to retrieve his pal after the hasty decision turns to regret. Starring Chris Kendall, Bertie Gilbert, Thomas Ridgewell and Andrea Valls.

  • “Hacks,” Tim Hautekiet and Patrick Hendrickson: Brian Thomas, a computer security programmer, discovers his employers are up to no good so he decides to take the information public and goes into hiding, entrusting his roommate, Lucy, to take a hard drive filled with evidence to the press, only for her to completely forget about it.

  • “Intricate Vengeance,” Wilson Cleveland: Four crime victims form an anonymous organization dedicated to producing real-life revenge fantasies for justice-starved clients. Starring Luke Cook, Wilson Cleveland, Meghan Tonjes, Vincent Cyr, Brianne Davis and Ricky Russert.

  • “The Ministry,” Khyan Mansley: Henry Wallace is desperate in every way when his ex-lover asks that he save her husband from “The Ministry,” a dubious religious organization that worships Henry’s writing. When the Ministry offers a solution to all his problems, Henry must choose between this suspect salvation or helping the woman who broke his heart.

  • “Phantom Nights,” Damon O’Steen: For the past 60 years, there have been strange and unexplained occurrences at the Stars and Stripes Drive-In. Nine years after theater staffer Geoff Ryder’s twin brother went missing at the drive-in, he discovers footage of his missing sibling in hidden film canisters dating back 50 years.

  • “The Pick-Up Sticks,” Natalie Lander and Michelle Glavan (pictured above): Four messy, dysfunctional 20-something actors try to keep their heads above water off-screen while playing squeaky­-clean teens on a hit children’s show. Starring Natalie Lander, Michelle Glavan, Matthew Moy and Brando Eaton.

  • “Welcome Back,” Elisha Yaffe: Taylor returns home from a mental institution and quickly finds herself stuck at a welcome-back party full of people only she can see. With the help of her friend Harper, she tries to free herself from the shackles of her own mind. Starring Chrissy Chambers.

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