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In the online gaming community, you should take note of the Terroriser. That’s the digital alter ego of an Irish man whose adventures–both in video games and real life–have caused fans to flock to his YouTube channel. He’s now above one million subscribers, so we talked to him about his accomplishments:

Tubefilter: How does it feel to have one million subscribers? What do you have to say to your fans?

TheGamingTerroriser: One million is a fantastic number and achievement which I have worked hard to reach. I’ve worked horrible jobs and juggled college while trying to maintain a YouTube channel which made the achievement such a great feeling.

To my viewers I would say thank you for watching me and accompanying me on this crazy journey. Without the viewers I am nothing really and I do this for them every day and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

TF: Where does your username come from?

GT: It happened when I was sitting down with a piece of paper trying to brainstorm some names for my YouTube channel in 2011. I was trying to think of a name that encapsulated the theme of my content which was at the time going to be online ‘trolling’ which was the thing at the time. I was watching the news and I could hear in the background the news anchor kept using the word terrorist/terroriser and I thought it was kind of catchy.

I thought it was cool sounding and meant I was online causing mischief and trouble, but honestly with everything that has happened in the world there are times I look back and regret my name. I always worry people think it was a disrespectful name which it wasn’t but that term ‘terrorism’ has just become such a negative expression I couldn’t help but kind of wish it was different. Luckily my viewers understand the contrast between the two and that’s fantastic. It’s especially troubling when travelling to America and TSA ask my career is and when I say YouTube, I’m scared they will ask what my channel name is! :/

TF: What makes your channel special, particularly when compared to all the other gaming channels on YouTube?

GT: Well, I’m not going to try and make myself sound special but I like to think people like my channel for me. I’ve remained me all this time and that won’t change. I work hard on editing, improving my skill set, interacting with my viewers in the comments, and trying to find cool ways to integrate them as much as possible into my channel (ie. Snapchat Q&A).

There are plenty of other great personalities on YouTube so if people watch me and stick around that’s great. I play with great people and make good videos for fantastic viewers. I can’t really define what makes my channel “special” but I can say that the energy from the viewers and sense of community is what makes my channel so enjoyable to do.

TF: What is your favorite thing about the gaming community on YouTube?

GT: Recently TeamVGaming and I, led by Ms_Vixen, ran a charity event via Twitch. We had amazing support and raised over $40,000 dollars for Extra-Life. Honestly, this is what I love about the gaming community. It can really make a huge difference and is filled with amazing passionate people who love games and having fun.

TF: When you cut together a montage, what sort of qualities are you looking for in each “funny moment”?

GT: I look for things that make me laugh and also make me look silly because I don’t mind being laughed at in clips. I know at the other end of the spectrum there is a viewer laughing. That’s all that matters to me, is to make a person watch a video and leave the video with a smile on their face.

TF: What was the inspiration for your ‘Good Glee-fing‘ series? Any plans to return to it any time soon?

GT: The inspiration for that series was purely by playing around with apps on my phone and finding a karaoke app. This triggered a eureka moment of testing to see if I could wire the phone up to my Xbox controller and then by chance it worked perfectly.

The unfortunate thing about the series was that people started to copy what I was creating. Then bigger YouTubers caught on and began stealing it away from me, but there was a major flaw with the series. YouTube cracked down hard on copyright issues and using the music in the “Gleefing” videos was a major risk for strikes. So I stopped immediately. I would need to find a way to ensure my channel’s safety first and also the app used to make the auto tune is no longer available, so again, that’s another factor leading to its conclusion.

TF: What was the craziest part of your million subscribers video?

GT: Skydiving, obviously, but definitely the feedback, ratings, etc. of the video. It was insane reading the comments, but again I did jump out of a plane…

TF: If you weren’t making videos, what would you be doing?

GT: I don’t think about ‘what if’ really. I knew what I wanted to do and I did it. If you want to do something in life just make it happen…but honestly, I’d probably be unemployed and living with my parents. Haha.

TF: What’s next for your channel? Any fun plans?

GT: 2 million subs and keep having fun! 🙂

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