Vimeo Users Can Now Add Paid Subscriptions To Their Channels

By 06/02/2015
Vimeo Users Can Now Add Paid Subscriptions To Their Channels

Through its Vimeo On Demand program, Vimeo has given its users the opportunity to make some money off their work without sacrificing artistic integrity. The video platform’s latest step toward powerful monetization for its users is the launch of subscription tools that allow content creators to offer entire channels behind paywalls.

The new subscription service differs from existing offerings on Vimeo On Demand because it applies to entire channels rather than individual, a la carte videos. At the same time, the monthly subscriptions share several key elements in common with Vimeo On Demand’s offerings. Specifically, users can set their own prices, sell their work through Vimeo On Demand’s recently-launched publisher network, and window their content in certain geographic regions.

The subscriptions are notably favorable for creators, who will keep 90% of all returns after transaction fees. That generous split is in line with Vimeo’s reputation as a creator-friendly video platform that efficiently gathers revenue for its users.


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“Subscription video on demand (SVOD) is a natural extension of Vimeo’s transactional VOD platform, giving creators a new way to sell content to viewers worldwide,” said Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor in a release. “Online video is entering an exciting new stage where creators don’t have to rely on pre-roll advertising alone to earn money, and Vimeo is building the open global platform for paid video distribution.”

The release describes these subscriptions as the “first phase of Vimeo’s SVOD offering.” More details are expected later this year.

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