Hank Green is bringing his passion for education to the most pressing questions Internet users have to offer. He is the host of World’s Most Asked Questions, a series on his SciShow YouTube channel that examines some of the most frequent questions among Google search results.

Each installment of World’s Most Asked Questions tackles a common query shared by millions of Internet users. Through the ten-episode series,  Green will teach viewers how to fall asleep, let them know how many calories they should eat, and explain what love is. As far as we know, he will not tell us “how is babby formed?” nor will he take a cue from the latest xkcd comic and figure out where birds go when it rains.

The first episode, released Wednesday to SciShow’s two million subscribers, discusses the best ways to get rid of the hiccups. Green launches into a scientific explanation dealing with diaphragms and vagus nerves and neurobiological resets, but in the end, he concludes that the tried-and-true methods of holding your breath and drinking a glass of water are probably the best solutions we have.

The question-and-answer format of World’s Most Asked Questions resembles Mental Floss’ The Big Question, another educational YouTube series produced by Green. In that case, topics are sourced from viewers, and World’s Most Asked Questions is employing a similar conceit. If you want Green to address a query that’s on your mind, you can pitch it to him and the rest of the SciShow team by using the hashtag #WMAQ.

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