AwesomenessTV Opens Physical Pop-Up Retail Store For The Holidays

By 10/09/2014
AwesomenessTV Opens Physical Pop-Up Retail Store For The Holidays

AwesomenessTV is expanding its network, but not as you might expect. In a move truly unique to the online video world, the multi-channel network and studio is taking things offline and opening a physical store dubbed Scene@AwesomenessTV.

Located at 428 N. Fairfax near Melrose in Los Angeles, California, the pop-up storefront will carry select merchandise from AwesomenessTV’s creators for their teenage fans, and will also provide said fans with items that can be personalized and custom-designed. Additionally, Scene@AwesomenessTV will serve as a location for talent meet-ups, special events, and filming by some of the network’s most prominent creators, like JennXPenn and Lia Marie Johnson.

“Scene@AwesomenessTV is the ultimate extension of the AwesomenessTV brand,” said Brian Robbins, founder and CEO of AwesomenessTV, in the release. “It will give us the opportunity to build upon the very special relationship our creators and fans already enjoy online with a physical gathering place showcasing their talents and enabling them to connect and create beyond YouTube in the real world.”

AwesomenessTV’s Global Head of Consumer Products and Retail, Jim Fielding (who came to the company by way of a little known brand called Disney), seems to think the store is a natural stepping stone in the evolution of the MCN’s brand. “Just as short form content has captivated Gen Z online, we believe that short form or pop-up retailing will resonate with them offline,” he stated in the release. “Our goal is to create a physical touch point to deepen the relationship with our customers as well as measure brand impact.”

Scene@AwesomenessTV will also have an e-commerce counterpart for fans unable to make it to the physical location. Though no opening day has been announced yet, the release states the venue will be ready for holiday shopping.