Animal Planet To Stream Live Animal Births For The Labor Day Weekend by Bree Brouwer for Tubefilter

The word labor, as it relates to this coming Labor Day weekend, has more to do with the American workforce than giving birth. But Animal Planet has decided to focus on the second meaning by streaming live animal births from the Nebraska State Fair on Animal Planet L!VE.

“The miracle of birth is perhaps the most beautiful and wondrous moment in all of the nature, and Animal Planet will offer viewers the unique chance to witness it live,” said Rick Holzman, General Manager and Executive Vice President of Animal Planet, in a release. “This is just the beginning of a significant initiative where Animal Planet will offer our audience unprecedented live coverage of animal births and other astonishing moments of the natural world, both on air and online at Animal Planet L!VE.”

The births will be streamed using the LABOR LIVE Cam on L!VE’s site, and will be broadcast 24/7 from The Birthing Pavilion at the Fair, complete with commentary from veterinarians of the University of Nebraska School of Veterinary Medicine. L!VE will alert viewers every time a new baby animal (piglet, calf, chick, and calf) is ready for delivery.

Animal Planet‘s presence further exemplifies the Nebraska State Fair’s mission to focus on interactive agriculture and educational experiences. The ability to take the Nebraska State Fair Birthing Pavilion and make it available to a worldwide audience is an opportunity that doesn’t come along too often,” said Nebraska State Fair Sponsorship and Marketing Director, Shaun Schleif, in the release. “The opportunity to see live births and baby animals taking their first steps in their first few days of life is something that most folks don’t have the opportunity to observe. Animal Planet is making that possible, and we’re extremely grateful for that.”

While waiting for the next birth alert, L!VE viewers will be provided daily marathons of other programming. Dirty Jobs will run all weekend, Too Cute: Pint Sized starts on Saturday, the world premiere of Mud Lovin’ Rednecks on Sunday, and the return of Ice Lake Rebels (complete with a new episode) on Monday.

If you feel like you need a break from the Labor Day partying this weekend, tune in Animal Planet L!VE to experience the miracle of animal birth (though if you have a queasy stomach, you may want to consider eating first).

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