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Project Name: Chloe and the Stars

Asking For: $10,000 on Kickstarter

Amount Raised Thus Far (At Time Of Post): $5,076

Days Remaining In Campaign (At Time Of Post): 23

Description: Chloe and the Stars is an animated series that follows the galactic adventures of its titular rock band, a girl group that is grinding out small-time gigs on the fringes of space as they search for their big break. In a pinch, each member of the group can turn her instrument into a formidable weapon, because this wouldn’t be a creative, offbeat cartoon without a twist like that. In fewer words, Chloe and the Stars‘ Kickstarter campaign describes it as “an animated, science fiction, action musical.”

Should Chloe and the Stars reach its $35,000 goal, creator Meaghan Dunn and her team at Dunnamic Animation Studio hope to make a TV-quality pilot episode. More information is available within the pitch video:

Creator Bio: The Chloe and the Stars pitch video explains that much of Dunn’s work has been commercial in nature, but she previously had a brief appearance on Cartoon Network thanks to a cartoon called A Kitty Bobo Show. That eight minute animation is available on YouTube.

Best Perk: Donors at the $75 level can receive a t-shirt and an album from The Droogettes, the band that will make the music for Chloe and the Stars.

Why You Should Fund It: Chloe and the Stars made it onto our radar for two reasons: It is a Kickstarter staff pick, and it is supported by Frederator Studios, the animation company run by Fred Seibert. Frederator’s video network includes a number of superlative animated programs, and Chloe and the Stars seems to have a lot in common with some of them. The quirky approach to space combat is reminiscent of Bravest Warriors, the distinct girl power vibe recalls Bee and PuppyCatand the punk rocker protagonists remind me of Scott Pilgrim, which isn’t related to Frederator at all, but is still awesome and worth mentioning. Frederator’s track record and Dunn’s colorful designs show that Chloe has some real “star” potential.

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