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Judy Travis is proving that mom does in fact know best. On her channel, itsjudytime, Travis unveils an array of beauty videos, showcasing everything from unique looks to hair tutorials to her signature “first impressions” of beauty products. A wife and mother of three, Travis recently celebrated one million YouTube subscribers. Here’s what she had to say about her fashionable success story:

Tubefilter: How does it feel to have one million subscribers? What do you have to say to your fans?

Judy Travis: It feels awesome! When I started YouTube 6 years ago it was just a side hobby. I never imagined I would ever get to this level. Thank you to my viewers for watching me for so long! Without your support and video requests there wouldn’t be an itsjudytime channel today!

TF: There are a lot of popular fashion and beauty channels on YouTube. What would you say makes yours unique?

JT: I do a lot of “first impression” makeup reviews where I test out a product throughout the day. This way, you see the product in action and the camera never lies!!! Also, my videos are typically simple and straight to the point.

TF: Do you think that your status as a wife and a mother changes your videomaking style, especially when compared to your younger contemporaries?

JT: Yes, definitely. I noticed a lot of younger YouTubers are doing awesome production style videos. They look great!! However, with 2 newborns, I just don’t have the time to “evolve” to that style, which is why I typically film straight to the point videos! I’m glad people still enjoy watching though!

TF: Has it been challenging to maintain a popular YouTube channel without living close to the YouTube beauty community in L.A.?

JT: The most challenging part is the lack of cross-collaborating and not having the opportunity to really get to know the other girls. I get a little jelly jelly when I see the LA YouTubers hanging out and taking selfies on Instagram! When I do attend beauty events in LA, I get so excited to meet everyone, although I have to admit I love the easy going, slow pace, relaxing lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest!

TF: Do you test out new hairstyles and looks before you feature them on your channel? How much planning is involved in each video?

JT: Yes I do! Typically, my viewers will request my look from what I’m wearing on my daily vlog ^_^ It doesn’t require lots of planning. Most of the work is in the editing.

TF: You’re also well-known for your “first impression” videos. How often does a product that you feature in one of these videos become a regular part of your personal routine?

JT: I’d say 1 in 5 become a favorite!

TF: On a similar note, how do you choose which brands to ally yourself with, and how do you blend a brand sponsorship with your personal style?

JT: Most of my reviews are on brand new products, typically from drugstores, because that’s what my viewers like to see. When a brand approaches me, I will usually test out the product for several weeks before I agree to do a video. Most of my sponsored videos are the exact same style as non-sponsored videos.

TF: You also run a Spanish-language channel. Do you think that your Hispanic fans differ in any way from your English-speaking fans?

JT: We decided to start a Spanish-speaking channel to widen our audience. We noticed we have a huge Hispanic demographic and thought, “Why not?!”

TF: What’s next for your channel? Any fun plans for the future?

JT: I plan on continuing with product reviews, but I feel myself transitioning to Mommy things. Throughout the 6 years on YouTube, my life has changed so much! I’m now married with a house and 3 beautiful daughters. My passion is now my family! I like to think my viewers have also grown with me, and therefore will hopefully follow me in what’s to come ^_^

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