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On YouTube, Lisa Schwartz wears many hats. She makes parody music videos, completes challenges, plays video games, and is the only person who can do the Boyfriend Tag with Shane Dawson. A partner of the relatively new Seventeen multi-channel YouTube network, Schwartz is one of the most recent YouTube creators to reach one million subscribers and the subject of our latest YouTube Millionaires column.

Tubefilter: How does it feel to have one million subscribers? What do you have to say to your fans?

Lisa Schwartz: It’s insane. A million people!? I can’t even properly visualize that. Now if everyone could just give me a dollar, I could put a down payment on the Internet and really get crazy.

What do I have to say to my fans? Well, I hate using the word fans. I really believe these viewers have become my friends. Which is awkward and creepy. But, whatever. I’m awkward and occasionally creepy. I just want to say to them, thank you. You have changed my life in so many amazing ways. I can only hope that I can do the same for you.

TF: What do you think sets you apart from other YouTubers who do similar challenges, vlogs, and song parodies?

LS: Besides my irresistible charm and undeniable humility? My Grandma, who I make say things I’m pretty sure she regrets saying despite not understanding them.

TF: You’ve done a lot of collaborations. Is there a YouTuber you haven’t teamed with before with whom who you would like to make a video?

LS: I would LOVE to work with Jenna Marbles. I think she was one of the great female pioneers of YouTube comedy, and it would be an honor to play alongside her. Also, her dogs are out of control. I just want to get our doggies together and cry over the cuteness that is miniature versions of real dogs.

TF: What is it like dating a YouTuber? How do you and Shane choose which details of your relationship to reveal to the public and which ones to keep to yourselves?

LS: It’s terrible. And boring. We never laugh. Ever. And everything you see on the Internet, in regards to our relationship, is 100 percent true. And we want to share every single moment and every single detail. All day. Every day. No privacy. We also steer clear of sarcasm. Clearly.

TF: On a similar note, have you ever had any unusual interactions with Shane Dawson fangirls?

LS: Other than the occasional death threats and inappropriate snap chats, I don’t have anything too exciting to report.

TF: Has your partnership with Seventeen changed your video-making process in any way?

LS: Not really. I am just really honored to be a part of Seventeen. Not only are they an iconic brand that I have been looking up to for years, but they have embraced me for me. They haven’t tried to turn me into a beauty guru, or flush my potty mouth down the drain. They just continue to encourage me and support me, and I am so grateful.

TF: Who came up with the idea for ‘Hot Guy Showdown‘ and what do you look for in your ideal hot guy?

LS: Seventeen pitched the idea to me last year. And of course, like any girl with a pulse, I couldn’t have been any more excited. A bunch of hot guys fighting for my approval? Bring it on! My high school self would be “totes jelly”. As far as my “ideal hot guy”? Well, he needs to be funny, talented, sweet, and look good as a woman. Have you seen Shane in a dress? HOT DAMN!

TF: Are you hoping to transition to traditional media at any point or are you more interested in sticking with your YouTube channel and online video career?

LS: I am in transition now. And not in the “Shane becoming a woman” kind of way. But, yes, I will always continue to work online because it’s the wave of the future. But I think I can work in traditional media too. So stay tuned. You may see this big face all over the place soon. I apologize in advance.

TF: What’s next for your channel? Any fun plans on the horizon?

LS: I change my mind constantly. I always have new ideas and shows I want to put up on the channel. So I’m sure a few surprises will pop up now and again. But I can promise you, you will continue to see Dare Videos, Gaming Videos, Daily Vlogs, and tons of Collabs. Because, that’s what all the cool kids are doing. You can also continue to see me on the Seventeen Channel and on Yahoo TV!

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