ForHumanPeoples‘ ambiguous teaser gave viewers little clue as to what exactly we could expect from the newest channel in Philip Defranco‘s portfolio. Three weeks later, a variety of videos have begun to provide answers. Most recently, ForHumanPeoples has started using the power of cute children to save the world in a new series called Kid By Design.

The recipe for each Kid by Design episode is simple: Take an imaginative child, feed her superhero idea to an artist, add in some inspirational music and a soupcon of Elliott Morgan, and then combine the resulting shirt design with a featured charity. Kid By Design fits right in with ForHumanPeoples‘ status as a retail outlet, but the proceeds aren’t funding Philip Defranco’s war chest. Instead, they are helping those in need.

The first episode pairs six year-old Hayden Bereta (yes, Joe’s daughter) with designer Cory Nakamura and the Generosity Water charity, which provides clean drinking water to the third world. If this sounds like your cup of tea (or water), you can pick up the colorful result here and help out a good cause while you’re at it.

We had previously speculated that ForHumanPeoples would have a lot in common with SoulPancake, and as with SoulPancake’s Kid President series, the star here is young Hayden and her active imagination. This concept alone has fueled entire series in the past; the charity element is simply the icing on a heartwarming cake. Kid By Design shows ForHumanPeoples is serious about joining the inspiring movement of YouTubers getting involved in charitable causes.

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