YouTube creators have many choices when it comes to analytics. In addition to the site’s own array of tools, there are auxiliary suites provided by multi-channel networks and a wide selection of third-party platforms. So how does one company stand out in this sea of data? For VidIQ, specificity is key. The brand-focused agency has released VidIQ Vision, a Chrome extension that mines a hyper-specific set of data and gives users exact instructions on how to increase their chances of going viral.

Vision seeks to go beyond view counts and observe what really drives YouTube shares. For each video, it tracks and displays watch time, social media shares, and VidIQ score, the latter of which determines how likely a video is to show up in YouTube’s related, recommended, and search categories. It also analyses words per minute, tags, and description length, allowing users to perfectly optimize these areas to match the trends exhibited by YouTube’s most popular videos.

“Success on YouTube is about more than just views,” says Rob Sandie, CEO and Co-Founder of vidIQ. “There’s a lot of confusion about what metrics YouTube marketers should be paying attention to, and vidIQ Vision eliminates that confusion. Our extension provides brands with key insights into what the top creators are doing to drive growth, increase engagement, and create viral content. We’ve created a powerful tool that every creator should be using.”

VidIQ is one of a handful of companies to be ‘YouTube certified‘, which signifies that its employees are well-versed in YouTube and its best practices. With Vision, it is spreading that knowledge to all of its users. Even if you don’t download the extension, VidIQ’s suggestions are worth paying attention to. For instance, its data suggest you should be talking at 220 words per minute. I hope you don’t like breathing.

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