Vidcon is here. Starting tomorrow, August 1st, online video personalities, fans, executives, and other assorted industry persons will storm the Anaheim Convention Center for a long weekend of panels, discussions, activities, performances, and other events that glorify the best video creators the web has to offer.

For the record, we here at Tubefilter believe pretty much everything at Vidcon is worth checking out. All of the discussions will shine light on certain aspects of the industry and should be enlightening for both creators and fans. Nonetheless, we have a job to do, so here are a few specific events of note for those of you making the trek to Anaheim.

Thursday (Industry Day)

9 am: Selling Ideas, not Deodorant
John Green, VlogBrother, Author and VidCon Co-Founder
The Vlogbrothers recently debuted Subbable, a new online video platform based around fan bases rather than view counts. The site is a major example of the YouTube community seeking alternate revenue streams. Without a doubt, Green’s keynote is the best way to kick off VidCon, as the convention’s founder will discuss the most important storyline to emerge from the online video community in 2013.

1:30 pm: Networks, Independents, and Everything in between
Richard Ryan, Head of Development, RatedRR

Panel: Charlie McDonnell; Jennifer McDonnell, VP Audience, Kin Community; Tim Glenn, VP Partnerships, Alloy Digital; The Fine Brothers,Writers/Directors, Kids React; Courtney Lischke, Content Strategy Manager, YouTube
Multi-channel networks are currently bridging the gap between YouTube and other potential platforms. Consider the two MCNs featured in this panel: Kin Community recently teamed up with Subblime, and Alloy has created magazines based around its top creators. This discussion is a perfect segue between John Green’s morning talk about off-YouTube exploits and YouTube’s own pitch later in the day.

4:30 pm: YouTube and You
Executive team, YouTube
YouTube has been under siege in 2013. Creators are attempting to leave en masse, the paid subscriptions experiment has thus far been a failure, and other platforms (such as Vine) are cutting into its territory. In this keynote, expect YouTube to remind us why it’s still on top when it comes to online video.


11 am: Support Through Numbers: Collaborations
Nikki Limo, YouTube Creator
Panel: Jason Horton, YouTube Creator; Steve Greene, Creator of SteveGreeneComedy; Taryn Southern, Founder, Co. Lab Media Group: Tony Valenzuela, Creator of BlackBoxTV; Denise Kass, Creator of DeniseVlogs
In the past year, large-scale collaborations have emerged as a great way to draw in millions of viewers, with Rewind YouTube Style serving as the most pertinent example. Luckily for VidCon attendees, two of the members of this panel recently starred in great collabs: Steve Greene played a role in this banger while Taryn Southern appeared in this masterpiece.

12:30 pm: When Crowdfunding Attacks
Liz Miller, Freelance Writer
Panel: ShayCarl; Freddie Wong; Hannah Hart; Jon Enge and Tom Lipka, Creators, Mars Rising 
This has been the year of huge crowdfunding projects, and the members of this panel serve as living proof. Is crowdfunding right for every project? This panel will explore some of the  “hidden costs” of Kickstarter and Indiegogo.


12:30 pm: How I Make Videos
Josh Cohen, Tubefilter
Panel: Kevin Tancharoen, Creator of Mortal Kombat Legacy; 5SecondFilms; Wong Fu Productions; Chris Thompson, Creator of SupRicky06
Hey look, it’s us! More importantly, this panel will show off how some of the top creators go about making their videos. It will also get you amped for Mortal Kombat: Legacy season 2, if you weren’t already.

2 pm: Tips and Tools for High End Production on a Budget
Marc Hustvedt, Chill
Panel: Sean Becker, Director of The Guild, Chatroom of Solitude; Alex Albrecht, Creator of Voltron: The End; Niko Pueringer and Sam Gorski, Creators of CorridorDigital; Devin Graham, Creator of DevinSupertramp; Oren Williams, Sr. Manager of Business Development, Dolby
Professional, high-end production is arguably the most important element of getting noticed on YouTube; viewers won’t come to a video with bad video quality or poor sound. This panel will show why you don’t need a Video Game High School-sized budget to create snazzy-looking videos.

2 pm: With Great Viewership Comes Great Responsibility
Josh Cohen, Tubefilter
Panel: Lori Earl, This Star Won’t Go Out; Seth Maxwell, Thirst; Hank Green, Project for Awesome; Scott Hannah and Tyler Gregory, NO BULL
If you don’t think YouTubers can have an impact on their community, I would like to remind you that there is a school named after KevJumba in Kenya. This panel will show all attendees how they can use their videos for social good.


Go to Disneyland. Bring your Google Glass.

For those of you headed to Anaheim, have a fun weekend! We’ll be attempting to do just that, so you should come chat with us. We’ll be at booth 217, between the merch area and the concession stand. Come say hi on your way to the hot dogs.

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