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An upcoming indie project is looking to create one of the most unusual crossovers imaginable. Reality Check, a short film seeking funding on Kickstarter, plans to combine the moody sci-fi of your average Philip K. Dick adaptation with those Progressive Insurance commercials. Seriously.

Saying it like that is a gross oversimplification, but the concept is certainly a novel one. Cora Benesh will play Elion, an employee for an insurance company who travels time to investigate claims for accuracy. Of course, as this is a moody, noirish sci-fi film, she will become embroiled in a wide-reaching scandal. Reality Check‘s creative team describe Elion as a “strong female protagonist”, which is no doubt a bit lacking in the sci-fi genre.

The best part of Reality Check, however, is its visuals. Director Chris Buchal has apparently spent a more than a year designing his special effects, and they look glitchy, twisted, and surreal. For a film seeking just a $10,000 budget, I’m impressed with Buchal’s vision.

Based on the Kickstarter’s success, I’m not the only one. Reality Check has already pulled in more than $3,000, meaning it only needs to raise $7,000 more in 27 days to reach its goal. Based on Kickstarter trends, the Portland-based team is likely to reach its mark, and the end result should be a doozy.


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