Wayside CreationsFallout: Nuka Break – Red Star is the first of many upcoming video game fan films to be released on the YouTube Original Channel Machinima Prime. The backstory of how the short, live-action flick, however, isn’t like the others that will follow. It’s origins are one that few people may know.

The first fan film Wayside Creations created, Fallout: Nuka Break, was released 2 years ago and spawned a web series that fans loved, with both the short and series viewed over 6 million times and counting. Not wanting to leave the post-apocalyptic world of the 22nd and 23rd centuries behind, the creators launched a Kickstarter campaign last summer that allowed the production company to shoot a bigger and badder second season.

While crowdfunding has been all the rage for YouTubers recently (with successfully backed projects ranging from Toby Turner’s video game to other scripted series like Joey Graceffa’s Storytellers), Nuka Break is a perfect example of a fan-funded passion project. That’s because intellectual property issues make Wayside Creations unable to make a profit off the content.

The Kickstarter campaign – one of the top ten fundraising campaigns of 2012 – combined with the quality of their content allowed Wayside Creations to persuade Machinima to distribute the series, which in turn made the just released Fallout: Nuka Break – Red Star a possibility.

“Earlier this year, we decided to reach out to them and explain that hosting Nuka Break on their channel would attract more attention to the project, which is great for the donors because more people get to see the content they helped create, and it would be a great addition to Machinima’s body of work,” said Vince Talenti, Director and Co-Owner of Wayside Creations.

After working with Machinima to distribute Fallout: Nuka Break Season 2, the two organizations conceived of the idea of creating a standalone short for Machinima Prime.

“The idea of creating a standalone film to compliment the second season of Nuka Break belongs to Machinima,” Talenti said when discussing the origin of Red Star. “We further developed that idea by suggesting that the film diverge from Nuka Break in terms of tone, subject matter, and maturity. We wanted it to reach out to a broader audience and cater to the fans that enjoy the darker side of Fallout.”

With the standalone film now released and the second season on the horizon, Wayside Creations is going to have a strong 2013 with the release of great content. So, what’s next for the company? “We have a few surprises in store for the end of 2013, and plan to start 2014 off strong with consistent content all year long,” said Wayside Creations’ Producer, Anthony Clementi.

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