Michael Buckley isn’t the only YouTuber who is shilling for a soft drink brand. Smosh have released a video called ‘Good vs. Surprisingly Good‘, part of a branded campaign for Sun Drop.

The video shows Ian and Anthony turning mundane everyday tasks into surprisingly good variations, often by adding what they call “surprisingly terrible special effects.” The end result is much like any other Smosh video, with lots of loud noises, over-the-top facial expressions, and surreal everything.

The branded nature of the video is actually very subtle (perhaps even surprisingly subtle), as it was in the duo’s Assassin’s Creed music video. Only by going to Twitter, where Smosh is part of a Sun Drop sweepstakes, does it become clear.

Sun Drop’s campaign is based on around a Japanese spokesman who sports a lot of the same qualities as the Smosh gang. Still, I’d like to think the Smosh guys joined the campaign in order to get their hands on lots and lots of sugary soda. After all, keeping up a high energy level from video to video can’t be easy.

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