Break Media‘s latest channel is two for two. AWEme has followed up its winning Man at Arms series with Stop Motion Chalk Art, an artsy series that recreates pop culture motifs using, as the title would imply, a combination of chalk and stop motion photography.

AWEme stands for “Amaze, Wow, Educate me,” and whereas Man at Arms, with its didactic tone, chose the educational route as its main source of entertainment, Stop Motion Chalk Art prefers to be amazing. The featured artist, Chris Carlson, is incredibly inventive not just in terms of his drawing skills but also in terms of the camera tricks he employs. In the first episode, he shoots a few falling Tetris blocks, training his camera at an unusual angle to give the objects more of a 3D look to them.

Future episodes of Stop Motion Chalk Art will feature other series from our collective consciousness. One episode will bring out some chalk dinosaurs for a piece based around Jurassic Park. As with Man At Arms, user feedback would work well here, as fans surely have their own ideas about what they’d like to see.

Stop Motion Chalk Art looks as if it belongs on Vimeo, long the home of artsy stop motion videos. Still, its presence is welcome on YouTube, where AWEme is providing a much-needed home for all sorts of talented people. The channel’s first two series make me very excited to see what it gives us next. Stop Motion Chalk Art isn’t quite Big Bang Big Boom, but it’s bound to be another hit.

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