Here are our favorite turns of phrase from last night’s Streamy Awards. Feel free to drop your own faves in the comments below.

Chris Hardwick: “Web video,  when you distill it down to its essence, is all about passion, and you guys make the things that you care about and we now have a delivery system to share our passions with a global audience.”‘

The Nerdist’s opening monologue was a mix of laughter and poignant meditation on the state of the online video industry. I liked this quote in particular, but feel free to peruse Hardwick’s speech for your own favorite bit.

Ty Pennington: “People always ask, ‘How do you get a job in TV hosting?’ And I always tell them the same thing, you know, you work hard, you hone your craft, you go out and get a reel together, you go to audition after audition, and finally…they offer the job to Ryan Seacrest.”

Luckily, on the Internet, we all get to be our own hosts!

KassemG: “Thank you to…I don’t have a wife, or a girlfriend…my dog, thank you to my dog.”

KassemG made a funny.

Hannah Hart: “Thank you so much all of the Internet and everyone we talk to for validating our existence through your comments, through your support, and through the fact that you make what we do so f**king awesome.”

Harto got to spend the day hanging out with her friends, strolling through Hollywood like a big shot, and winning awards. F**king awesome, indeed.

Nice Peter: “I sang a song about [ShayCarl]‘s family and it kinda turned my world upside down.”

Shay helped inspire a man who won four Streamys this year, which I guess makes up for his dry humping of Chris Hardwick on stage last time around.

Vanilla Ice: “I can’t believe y’all remember [the Ninja Rap].”

Well Ice, when you making a living on the Internet, there are certain things you must know, specifically things that were popular during the 90s.

Philip Defranco: “I want to thank all the viewers, thank you so much. Every day I get to do these stupid, asinine things. And not even the fans, thank you for coming to my video just to hate me, I deserve it and we appreciate it.”

Defranco was the first winner to thank the viewers, and he’s right. The power of YouTube, both good and bad, have taken him for anonymous Internet commentator to Google+ buddy of the Vice President.

Ken Marino: “We’d like to thank the people who comment who think it’s real, like the guy who says ‘THIS ISN’T REAL!?!?'”

Ken Marino is a silly, silly man. In case you had any doubts, no, Burning Love is not real, but Ken’s victory hugs and chugging skills are.

Shira Lazar: “We created this show because we were waiting for someone else to create it for us but they weren’t so we decided to do it on our own and that’s what the web is all about.”

All you need is a video camera and a dream, people. Oh, and you’re going to want to raise some money.

Grace Helbig: “I’m the gatekeeper to all of you going home and getting drunk, so I want to say thank you guys so, so much and I hope that you’ve had a wonderful night and everyone that’s in this room, I have nothing but the most complete respect for how hard you work. Everyone in this room and people that are outside of this room work so hard, 24 hours a day, this isn’t like a 9-5 job, and I think this is a fun night to celebrate that. You’re off the clock, thank you guys!”

In the end, the Streamys were a celebration. We hope you all enjoyed watching it as much as we did.

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