Neil Patrick Harris isn’t the only Dr. Horrible alum making headlines today. Felicia Day is best known as a geek goddess, but she’s participated in plenty of unusual activities through The Flog, her Geek and Sundry vlog. Previous episodes of The Flog have seen Felicia learn such useful skills as archery and blacksmithing, and in the most recent episode she (and The Guild co-star Amy Okuda) added another skill to their arsenals as they learned to make pottery.

A tweet from Geek and Sundry informed us that Felicia and Amy’s pottery creations are available for purchase on Ebay, with all of the proceeds going to charity. A quick look at said Ebay page reveals that the duo’s work isn’t cheap. The top bid for Felicia’s work is 255 dollars, and Amy’s is currently priced at 205 dollars. But hey, it’s for a good cause, and at least you get free shipping.

The Flog was one of the launch shows on Geek and Sundry, Day’s YouTube Original Channel, and it’s always fun to see what sort of tricks she learns in each new episode. Given her former co-star’s new venture, I hope she decides to take up puppetry in a future episode.

Of course, Geek and Sundry is still home to The Guild, Day’s massively popular web series and the main reason she was able to land a YouTube Original Channel in the first place. You should already be watching that one regularly, but if not, keep in mind they have some pretty special guests every once in a while.

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