Over the past few weeks, Tubefilter has supplied its readers with all of the necessary methods to predict the outcome of the Presidential election. We broke down the first three debates as a Mortal Kombat match, a Zoolander walk-off, and an Epic Rap Battle. With one debate left, we were at a loss for how to figure out who would come out on top. Luckily, The Fine Bros. arrived just in time with ‘Kids React to Election 2012‘, a new video that informs us which candidate would win in an election decided by our nation’s youth.

The best part of this video, besides a couple classic Kids React one-liners (“I wouldn’t let anyone have a single paper in the world!” cries 7 year-old Morgan, “We’re wasting trees.”), is the way in which some of the kids seem to have very much been influenced by their elders. One girl throws out the word “overproduced” while discussing Mitt Romney, while poor Jake, as the lone supporter of the Republican candidate, is consistently throwing around the ins-and-outs of tax policy like few 13 year-olds can. Of course, he is swiftly rebutted by 6 year-old Royel, who likes Barack Obama because “He’s black, like me.”

If we were to use the youth of our nation as a gauge, who would come out on top in tonight’s debate? Well, Romney’s decision to cut funding to PBS is certainly unpopular with the highly pro-Big Bird Kids React crowd. In the end, one of the candidates will need to address the issues that our children care about: saving paper, fixing potholes, and fixing the “electrical college.”

The Fine Bros also plan on releasing React installments where teens and elders give their thoughts on the upcoming election, but only the kids version is here in time for the final debate. As a reminder, that debate can be live streamed on YouTube at the site’s politics hub. I’ll have Kids React fired up for some last-second analysis alongside my divining rod, tea leaves, and Washington Redskins schedule. Should be a fun time!

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