Kirby Ferguson recently wrapped up his four-part 40-some-odd-minute online video series inspired by a Jim Jarmusch poster-sized filmmaking manifesto, Everything is a Remix. It’s part historical documentary, part research project, and a wholly fascinating “examination of how our world is the way it is because of an innate cut-and-past culture.” From inspecting the music and lyrics of Led Zeppelin to looking at cellular biology, Ferguson argues incredibly succinctly and successfully how stealing/borrowing/remixing isn’t just “how a handful of things come to fruition, it’s how everything gets made.”

You should watch the series. And then you should donate to Ferguson’s latest Kickstarter campaign to ensure he makes some more.

This is Not a Conspiracy Theory is the Canadian auteur’s latest passion project. He’s hoping, with your support, it will become a multi-part program “that will explain the major ideas, events and human quirks that have shaped where we are right now politically.” So, expect something that combines the informative footage and voice over of a Ken Burns documentary with the fast-paced editing of an MTV News segment that looks and feels like a Copyright Criminals or Walking on Eggshells except with a focus on the idiosyncrasies of the individuals and institutions in positions of political power.

Despite the fact they’re constantly remind us, it’s often easy to forget politicians are people, too, and susceptible to the same whims of emotion as the persons who comprise the unelected masses. This is Not a Conspiracy Theory will show us how those whims have influenced history and helped to construct our current political arena (at least in Ferguson’s opinion). With the 2012 election fast approaching, I can’t wait to watch (and donate).

In the mean time, if you’re craving some quality online video content, be sure to check out Ferguson’s engaging output of video art and observations under the banner of Goodiebag, as well as some of his earlier, sexier productions.

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