You Watch 16 Minutes of Online Video Advertising a Month

By 12/15/2011
You Watch 16 Minutes of Online Video Advertising a Month

One of the biggest numbers to come out the latest installment of comScore’s US online video rankings is the number of minutes denizens of America spent watching online video ads in November. It was 3.08 billion.

That’s over 5,707 years(!) worth of online video ads viewed in a single 30-day period, which is a crazy statistic, but not so crazy when you take those minutes and divide them by the 183,160,000 monthly US internet users. Then the number equals out to just under 16 minutes and 49 seconds worth of online video advertising viewed per person, which is about one minute and 11 seconds shy of the amount of commercials and promotional spots you watch in one hour of television.

Of those 3.08 billion minutes of online video advertising, premium on demand movie and television destination Hulu accounted for 18.3% or 565 million minutes. Tremor Video clocked in at 594 million minutes for 19.2% of the total share and‘s ads represented 17.9% of the 3.08 billion for 551 million minutes.

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