It’s Monday, and that means the latest Tubefilter video blog is here served up fresh and ready. In preparing for this week’s vlog, I stumbled across one of the most disturbing, and frankly, terrifying trends I’ve seen while pouring through the bowels of YouTube videos. Apparently it’s become a thing in some circles to record yourself opening up a package of your brand spanking new reborn dolls. You just have to see this (below):

Now after contemplating with the years of missed therapy that have led to this, it’s time to move on to some online video news worth knowing. Also featured in the vlog this week is In Transit, a no bullshit travel-for-travel’s-sake docu-series from creator Peter Bragiel. We’ve been fans of his show for a while, and now he’s up to his ears in the brown Mississippi shooting his latest adventure as he and his brothers play Tom, Huck and Jim working their way down the great River into the Gulf of Mexico. They just posted an update video which gives a glimpse of what to expect when they make it back and cut it all together.

In Transit – update from Peter on the Mississippi River trip

Then there was the release of effects-laden action video “Dubstep Guns” from Sam and Niko of Corridor Digital. This time they teamed up with Mike Diva and put it all to music from Miami-based musicians Klaypex. “This experience was just a blast the whole way through,” Klaypex’s Johnny Atar told us over email. “Corridor Digital & Mike Diva’s capabilities and creative talents are nothing short of amazing.” (Hint: you can download their full EP for FREE right now on their site.)

Corridor Digital’s latest, “Dubstep Guns”

Major kudos to The Fine Brothers, Benny and Rafi, who are two of the hardest working—and most passionate if you’ve ever met them—guys in online video right now. They hit a major milestone on Friday, breaking past the 1 million subscribers mark on YouTube. What I love about them is their constant iterations and unflappable ability to try anything. Some things work, and some things work really really well—like their franchise hit Kids React, that even my mother knows about.

The Fine Brothers – Kids React to “Sitting on Tha Toilet”

And finally, a segment that is getting some love in our weekly vlogs, Something to Show Your Mother:

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