Rocketboom Making Over $1 Million in Revenue, New Shows in the Works

By 08/03/2011
Rocketboom Making Over $1 Million in Revenue, New Shows in the Works

Molly Templeton (aka YouTuber mememolly) hosted the independent and daily internet and pop culture news program Rocketboom since she first took her place in front of the original web series’ iconic world map and behind its news desk back in July 2009.

Now that Templeton has moved onto a gig at My Damn Channel that puts her to work behind the camera instead of in front of it, an obvious question comes to mind: What’s up with Rocketboom? I spoke with the company’s founder/creator/CEO Andrew Baron for the answer.

Like her predecessor Joanne Colan, Templeton’s departure from the perennial online video program was planned. Therefore, Baron and his Rocketboom production crew had time to shoot at least a few dozen installments of the series before she left. If you’re wondering why Templeton’s still hosting new daily episodes of the series, that’s why. The plan is for to be populated with fresh content and the host’s chair to still be warm for whoever Templeton’s replacement may be whenever he or she takes his or her seat.

As to the name of that he or she, Baron would only say, “It’s a secret,” but he did divulge a bit more about the status of his company and its new initiatives.

Since the sale of Know Your Meme to Cheezburger Network, Rocketboom has been busy. Very busy. According to Baron the company already generated over $1 million in revenue this year alone, and that’s not including the aforementioned sale.

Rocketboom has been making money in two ways. 1) Your regular, everyday video sponsorship, especially of slightly more targeted Rocketboom programming, like its New York City-centric fare. And 2) Through client work. “It’s a bit unexpected,” says Baron, “but there’s a growing number of companies, sponsors, and advertisers that want to take advantage of our services and the creative ways we approach online video content.”

Aside from the regular installments of Rocketboom and the work-for-hire projects that have turned into a lucrative side business, Baron and company are working to develop a number of new spin-off series. Those include everything from more memetic fare, to a cooking show oriented around microwaves, to shows highlighting space and/or wonders of the world, and others sure to showcase the meaningful and mundane in their respective verticals.

Baron also hopes to turn this programing slate into more than just programs. “One of the things I’m most excited about is that we found our niche,” Baron explained. “What differentiates us from other studios in the space and what makes us unique is that we’re able to generate content that spawns platforms.” The best example is, of course, Know Your Meme. It started as a segment on Rocketboom and then grew into its own show. Then the show became the basis for a platform and community that quickly became bigger (and more valuable) than the show probably ever could have on its own.

Baron hopes to replicate the model for Rocketboom’s new up-and-coming projects, as well as the show’s New York City-centric episodes. He’s currently developing an application and is in talks with companies like Foursquare and Kayak to turn the installments into the foundation of a kind of Rocketboom branded NYC travel guide, drawing attention to tourist destinations off the beaten path.

Baron also hinted at a few more Rocketboom projects in the works, but like the show’s new host, they’re currently a secret. Stay tuned and we’ll let you know when we do.