brettIt just might happen. Technically speaking, YouTube funny man BrettTheIntern is not an intern any more. But he is willing to take the demotion to official morning-after taxi wrangler for one man in search of an intern—Charlie Sheen. And he’s serious.

Back in March he kicked off his #PropBrett campaign with a video that broke 120,000 views on the platform that Brett, unlike the thousands of other entrants, actually understands the social media and video world far better than any of those other chumps. Now that he’s made it to the final 50 contestants for the intern gig—there can only be one—Brett stepped up his game today with the release of a PSA video (below) that is a the kind of collaboration of YouTube talent brands throw around serious loot for. (We hear he promised 30-minute massages.)

In the video are: KassemG, DeStorm, MysteryGuitarMan, ShayCarl, iJustine, DaveDays, NicePeter, TimothydelaGhetto2, TotallySketch, Ceciley, GoodNeighborStuff, hiimrawn, LisaNova, and CourtneyPants. LisaNova even offered up herself to join Mr. Sheen’s crop of goddesses—”except no touching, or sex… or looking at me funny.”

“The moment I heard about Charlie Sheen’s internship I knew I had to apply,” Brett told us about his growing campaign. “Besides ‘intern’ being in my name, it’s also my way of life. I like to surround myself with creative people who I can learn from and Charlie has had MANY life experiences to give advice from; to be his intern would be an honor.”

But seriously Charlie, why Brett? “Charlie needs an intern who can do more than just follow orders,” added Brett, who incidentally isn’t afraid to make his case. “He needs an intern who has initiative. Sure, good interns can get a hot cup of coffee. But I pride myself in being more than just a “good” intern; I can be an asset to my employer. Since I am so connected in the online world, especially YouTube, I can boost Charlie Sheen’s level of online interactions with more than just tweets. I can introduce an entire community of online innovators to Team Sheen. If Social Media were a high school, I could make Charlie Sheen the Homecoming King.”

“As of now, I am not an intern,” admitted Brett, who’s actual full name is Brett Lemick. “In the past few years, I have been grateful enough to have interned for shows like The Jerry Springer Show and The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, but today, I am proud to be working with the fine people over at Maker Studios. Dan Zappin is a genius.”

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