FacebookWasTaken.comOne-month old sketch comedy web series MWF in search of lonely cubicle jockeys, was essentially the pitch that came into our tip box. And we bit. “People forget about the market of bored, unimaginative office flunkies,” the tipster-creator wrote us. “There’s dollars in those cubicles!” (He is of course right, or we wouldn’t spend way too much time on Lotusmodern or The Whatever.)

FacebookWasTaken.com, yes the .com is in the name, launched last month on YouTube with three doses per week of two-man sketch comedy. And after plowing through 19 episodes like a plate of 1AM sliders at Aunt Gracie’s wedding, we wiped our faces wanting more. Technically their web series is called Monday Wednesday Friday, named for its release schedule making it something of a real-life comic strip, according to the creators, though their YouTube channel and website don the more alluring title of their creative team, FacebookWasTaken.com.

Co-creator and star Darrell Britt-Gibson, who some might recognize from HBO’s The Wire as “O-Dog”, put the pitch in Hollywood terms for us: “Think Marmaduke meets Hot for Words, just without any colossal anthropomorphized Great Danes or good-looking women.”

Like most sketch comedy we’re seeing lately, the writing team is honing their craft with a YouTube series while holding out for some more lucrative arrangements. LA-based Adrián Duston-Muñoz co-created the series along with Britt-Gibson with the “aim to give soulless nine-to-five workers at least one more thirty-second distraction from weighing the pros and cons of suicide.” Trust us, that’s about as serious as they would get.

The sketches—there’s already 20 of them—come out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Britt-Gibson and co-star Joe King playing a number of recurring characters like CIA analysts, sportscasters, doctors, pilots, even African safari wildlife.

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