Here are a few tips on how to build an insanely successful franchise that seemingly never suffers from media saturation over overexposure:

  1. oscar-the-grouch-oscar-predictionsCreate something kids love.
  2. Make sure the something you created in #1 is also something parents can like (possibly by way of clever puns or timely celebrity guest appearances).
  3. Wait for the kids you created the something in #1 for to grow up.
  4. Strategically associate recognizable characters from the the something you created in #1 with relevant pop cultural icons or events.
  5. Sit back, relax, and watch as both young adults and grown-ups can’t get enough of whatever awesome thing it is you’re doing with cherished characters from their past.

Basically, do exactly what The Jim Henson Company and The Walt Disney Company have done with the Muppets.

The latest sighting of a plush denizen of Sesame Street to poke fun at, play along with, help out, or otherwise be involved with a well-known entertainment entity comes to us from AOL’s daily web series You’ve Got.

Check out the latest installment from the program that generated nearly 8 million views in its first month after launch and watch Oscar the Grouch make some particularly dirty-mouthed predictions about who will win big at this year’s Academy Awards.

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