Pillow talk is the best. You’re lying there, decompressing from whatever positive or negative stimuli fate saw fit to unleash upon you during the daytime hours. You finally have a minute to relax, reflect, and let your mind wander with someone you love, like, at least liked a little at some point, or are obligated to sleep next to because of an overdeveloped fear of INS agents and an underdeveloped Green Card application.

pillow-talkSealy Mattresses knows what I’m talkin’ ‘bout. Amiright, fellas? San Francisco-based comedy quartet Kasper Hauser knows what I’m talking about, too.

Kasper Hauser’s John, Dan, James, and Rob put together a comedy, web series pilot for MSN’s The Bubble. Pillow Talk features late-night, pre-NREM conversations between a trio of couples who all live above and below one another in the same San Francisco townhouse and like to chat it up before catching their Z’s. It’s funny because it’s relatable. Not everyone has experienced getting married to avoid deportation or felt the desire to default on a mortgage hours after signing closing papers, but we’ve all had calm, whimsy conversations laying prostrate and under the covers before bedtime.

Be sure to check out the pilot on MSN. And if you like the way Kasper Hauser pillow talks, you’ll love the way they This American Life. No one sends-up Ira Glass and the first-person radio narrative better.

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