‘The Super Man’ Launching Online, In Talks With TV

By 09/07/2010
‘The Super Man’ Launching Online, In Talks With TV

The Super ManMichael Friedman is quite possibly the Sly Stallone of web series. And if that’s the case then The Super Man is his Rocky. The Philly native, an actor-writer who now calls LA home, is no stranger to the comparison, having worked a healthy adoration of the famed boxer into his self-portrayed lead character Mike, the Super of a East LA apartment building. This is something Friedman knows all too well, having been a real-life building superintendent since moving out to LA to pursue an acting career.

Over a year ago, its four-part pilot hit the web standing out as one of the better indie web comedies that year. The positive reception was enough for Friedman and his team to head back into production on a full season of the series.

The new season, which they are calling Season 2, premieres online tomorrow online with three new episodes every two weeks. It’s a notable step up in polish from the early episodes, and it recently took home the Audience Award at the Independent Television Festival (ITVFest) this summer. Bryan Beasley directed the new season which stars Friedman alongside Gregory Konow and Brendan Connor.

The festival win attracted Kapital Entertainment, Executive Producers of the new FOX series Terra Nova, to sign on to formally pitch The Super Man to television as a half-hour comedy. Comedy manager John MacDonald has also teamed up with Friedman after seeing the early pilot.

“I see The Super Man working really well with a network that is on board with the tone and style of the show,” Freidman tells us. “There are a lot of cable channels, specifically F/X, Spike TV and TBS that have given opportunities to independent writers and their projects in the past.”

Friedman’s plan is to keep himself attached to star in the project should it get the nod from TV, the same move that would launch Stallone’s career after he penned the original Rocky.